Singapore Airlines Dhaka Office, Bangladesh Contact Info

Singapore Airlines Dhaka Office

The Singapore Airlines Dhaka office is set in Gulshan- 2, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Singapore Airlines is often regarded as the greatest carrier in the world. Singapore Changi Airport serves as its major hub. Singapore Airlines flies to 78 exotic attractions in around 35 countries, based on the most recent March 2022 figures.

Singapore Airlines conducts nonstop flights between Bangladesh to destinations around the world. It must have been built for the benefit of travelers. The Singapore Airlines office remains continuously operational.

If you’re planning to travel via Singapore Aviation, you must be aware of your Singapore Airlines Dhaka office information, service time, & contact information. This page will assist you in becoming acquainted with things.



Singapore Airlines Dhaka Office

Singapore Airlines Dhaka Office, Bangladesh does have a rich history of the facility. The agency is available to help you plan a successful tour. It will fix the whole of your Singapore Airlines issues. In this situation, you must know the actual address of Singapore Airlines’ Dhaka office in Bangladesh. The site of Singapore Airlines’ Dhaka office has always been in Casablanca (5th level), 114 Gulshan Ave, Gulshan-2 in Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.

Contact for buying Singapore Airlines tickets

01713-289170 (WhatsApp)

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Singapore Airlines Dhaka Office Address

Casablanca (5th Floor),
114, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-2,
Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh

Singapore Airlines Dhaka ticketing office is closed temporarily until further notice.

Singapore Airlines Dhaka Office Contact Number


[email protected]

Operating Hours
Sunday-Thursday: 0930-1800 hours
Saturday: 0930-1330 hours
Public Holiday & Friday: Closed

Official Website

Singapore Airlines Dhaka Baggage Office

Room Number: 50, Hazrat Shah Jalal International,
Kurmitola, Dhaka-1229


Cell Number

Fax Number

[email protected]

Operating Hours
Daily: 1.00 pm to 1.30 am

Singapore Airlines Flight Ticket Booking Process from Bangladesh

Web-based tickets have always been generally among the most dependable techniques for requesting a ticket. An online ticket-buying service saves you time. You may buy a plane ticket using your handset or laptop gadget and your program. The web reservation system is not fraudulent. Each aircraft is constantly purchasing an online ticket.

A big wide range of users is presently reserving advance tickets. You may review it at any time to see if your information has been stored. You are not required to wait in long lines to get your reservation. Online ticket purchasing is evolving to offer additional options.

Singapore Airlines Flight Ticket Cancellation Process from Bangladesh

On a journey to or through the US that you registered directly with both aircraft within 24hrs of your trip and you have over 7 days until departure, you may cancel your travel through all the airlines without incurring any fees.

Singapore Airlines Flight Ticket Rescheduling from Bangladesh

You may update your departure date by going to Manage Booking. Note that you can modify your schedule from the day the ticket was issued for up to one year. Contact 01713-289171 to modify your flight schedule.

Singapore Airlines Dhaka to Singapore Flight Schedule

Transportation has hardly been simpler. Get the most recent flight timetables for different airlines flying from Dhaka to Singapore. The shortest direct trip takes approximately four hours & 10 minutes to travel from Dhaka to Singapore. 1,799 miles separate Dhaka from Singapore for flights (or 2,895 km).

Flight NoDeparture TimeArrival TimeAirport CodeOperation 
Singapore Airlines 44711:45 pm6:00 am+1DAC – SINSat, Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

Singapore Airlines Dhaka to Singapore Ticket Price

The cost of a flight from Dhaka to Singapore can range from as little as 17,136 to as much as 25,6870.

Airlines NameRoadTicket Price
Singapore AirlinesDAC – SIN63376 TK
Singapore Airlines Flight
Singapore Airlines Flight

Read More: Dhaka to Singapore Air Ticket Price

Singapore Airlines Online Check-in

Online check-in you may do it anywhere, at any time, within 48 hours until one and a half hrs prior to takeoff. It is simple and affordable.

You must check in via the portal of the partner aircraft if the first trip on your schedule is run by a different carrier, even though your route code starts as SQ.

Some nations need relevant documentation from travelers at the terminal. These passengers won’t be able to check in online or use a virtual boarding pass.

Singapore Airlines Immigration Services

One of the rare nations that welcome immigrants with great enthusiasm is Singapore. This Automated Clearing Initiative registers qualified international travelers to utilize the automation lanes at Singapore’s checkpoints for departure immigration processing. If the applicable requirements are satisfied, you are qualified to enroll in ACI.

Since you are not remaining in that nation after leaving the terminal, you are a transitory traveler. You frequently avoid going through immigrants, refugees, and borders in this situation.

Singapore Airlines All Destinations from Bangladesh

Singapore Airlines works in 32 nations across five zones to provide excellent customer service. Airlines are generating strides toward expanding their overseas destinations. They are looking for fresh airlines to help them extend their air transportation services, with intentions to expand throughout Asia & Europe as part of their development goals. These are mostly Boeing or airplanes.


ChinaHong KongIndonesiaIran
South KoreaSri LankaThailandTaiwan


AustriaBelgiumDenmark Greece
SwitzerlandUnited Kingdom

North America

United States of AmericaCanada


AustraliaNew Zealand


South AfricaEgypt

Singapore Airlines In-Flight Meals

All passengers have access to a broad meal selection, which includes entirely different cooking options for the craft location. First, passengers in Business & Premium Class enjoy access to an extensive menu that may prevent wasting meals ahead of time.

There is the airplane, you will be served excellent and nutritious cuisine. You will be able to schedule the fine dining service if you ride in business, first, as well as the premium economy category. Toddlers can also have a kid menu. Their cuisine is of fine standards.

Most food provided on planes is authentic. If you need a particular dietary requirement, you must make this statement at minimum 24 hrs prior to your departure.

Singapore Airlines In-Flight Services

The area unit usually is the sole way to enter the A380 airplane, with 5 different airlines intended for the confidentiality and comfort of Singapore Airlines’ top airline companies. Each unit has a totally private and plain TV, and also an additional mattress and a lounge room. All possibilities Singapore Airlines has the finest passenger accommodations and a little screen diverting system. The following portion is Business Class, which has a highly ample capacity, a small progressive structure, and a benefit socket.

Singapore Airlines’ lengthiest airline has full-bed business-class cabins. Some planes include extra legroom sections with sufficient legroom for customers as well as an HD distraction service. Travelers on Singapore Airlines’ premium economy have a number of alternatives. Certain Singapore Planes aviation will eventually establish that they have moved up in the air, with minor evolutionary systems, power plugs, and USB ports offering everlasting headrests for guests with a typical headrest as the quantity of assistance.

Singapore Airlines Airport Facilities

Singapore Airlines Transportation Management is the national headquarters of Singapore Airways. The office is based in Gulshan-2, the town, which serves purchaser information and assistance to Singapore Airlines travelers. Customers must talk to the office for reserving, postponing, and termination, as internal bookings will be made up globally via Singapore Airlines, Singapore Airlines’ structure, to request luggage.

Singapore Airlines Baggage Allowance

Multiple baggages is permitted per airline regulations. Airline companies can change their luggage restrictions at any point. Having to carry prohibited items on an aircraft is going to breach the law. To avoid problems, double-check your baggage & obey all of the rules.

Singapore Airlines Baggage Allowance
Singapore Airlines Baggage Allowance
Which you can’t bring in a plane those items are?
Real or toy weaponsArms and ammunition
Explosives or anything containing explosives (fireworks or firecrackers)Any kind of knifes
Metal cutlerySlingshot
Tradesman’s toolDarts
ScissorsKnitting needles
CorkscrewsLaser pointer
Razor bladesHypodermic needles and syringes (if for medical purposes, you have brought the medical certificate to confirm it)

Singapore Airlines Missing Luggage

Although the majority of airlines adhere to these dates, it’s a smart option to double-check. The carrier has 3 weeks to locate and deliver any lost or misplaced luggage to you. You may still be eligible for reimbursement for missing luggage if you receive it back within 3 weeks. Claim compensation for misplaced baggage if you choose not to.

Singapore Airlines Short Story

All airplanes conduct business with GSA, PSA, & tourism boards in a nation. Only licensed travel brokers are permitted to offer at a rate much lower than GSA & PSA. even though licensed travel agents engage with general public customers and operate with fees.

Airline companies Meanings of GSA & PSA: GSA stands for General Sales Consultant Service. It refers to a sales agent for an airliner in a certain nation or area. Public General Sales Representative Service is known as PSA. Under that GSA, a PSA covers airline operations in several locations. SQ Airways commenced production on the 1st Of October 1972 and began the voyage on the 1st of May 1947.

In the end, the frequent-flier program takes the name Kris Flyer. There are 64 destinations in all 35 nations. This company’s tagline is “A Great Way to Fly.”The original title of this airline was Malayan Aviation. They provide their official help at the airport headquarters and in Dhaka. For particular itineraries, they provide affordable flight travel.

FAQ About Singapore Airlines Dhaka Office

Is Friday a day off for the Singapore Airlines Dhaka office?

Indeed, the Singapore Airlines office in Dhaka is shut every Friday

Is bank card payment accepted at the Singapore Airlines office in Dhaka?

Absolutely, you may pay with a credit card there.

Is really the Singapore Airlines Air Cargo Center in Dhaka operating on Saturday?

Unfortunately, the Singapore Airlines center in Dhaka is unavailable on Saturday.

How can I monitor the condition of a Singapore Airways flight?

On the website of your airline, it’s simple to check the status of your flight. Check out their website if Singapore Aviation is your airline. The departure time is available on their web page. You may view your flight details by clicking here and providing the appropriate info.

How to Validate a Ticket on Singapore Airlines?

Through manage booking, you may view Singapore Airlines fares.

The Best Reason for Singapore Airlines?

Travelers may enjoy a luxurious, comfortable lounge configuration on Singapore Aviation. Singapore Airlines is the greatest airline in the world because of its amazing culinary selection, first-class care, and reasonable prices.

Is a PCR test required by Singapore Airlines?

You must typically present negative Covid-19 testing before entering most places. Find out where to schedule your pre-departure PCR or Antigen Rapid test across Singapore as well as other countries.

Types of Planes Available with Singapore Airlines

Singapore Aircraft, a Star Alliance client, has code-sharing arrangements with ten airline companies that are not members of the organization. Singapore Airlines Accommodations, First Category, Business Class, and Economy Seats Class, are the service quality classes offered by the airline.

Furthermore, not every jet in the airline’s 108-plane fleet offers every service. Scoot Airways (TZ), SilkAir, & Tigerair are all subsidiaries of Singapore Airlines. Seats aboard the Airbus A330-300 (333): 30 Business, 255 Economy. Arrangement 1 Seats for the Airbus A350-900 (359); 42 Business; 187 Economy; 24 Premium Economy and many more.

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Travelers on Singapore Aviation may enjoy a premium, comfy seating configuration. Singapore Airlines is the finest airline in the world thanks to its excellent food options, outstanding customer service, and affordable prices. If you want to know more about Singapore Airlines Dhaka office or their services then you can comment below.

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