Dhaka to Jessore Air Ticket Price

Dhaka to Jessore Air Ticket Price and Flight Schedule 2023

Dhaka to Jessore Air Ticket Price 2023

If you want to know Dhaka to Jessore air ticket prices, then you are in the right place. Book your Dhaka to Jessore air ticket at a lower price from Airlines BD. We offer an air ticket booking service in Bangladesh at low prices. Since you are on our website, you need Dhaka to Jessore’s flight price and booking service. Suppose you plan to travel by air from Dhaka to Jessore. In our opinion, this is a very nice decision for you because you can reach it in a short time by doing this.

Nowadays, we all want to get a lot of work done in a short time. However, it may not settle for many reasons. One of them is moving from one place to another. As a result, our body becomes exhausted. So air travel plays a vital role in keeping yourself free from this fatigue and saving time. So day by day air travel is becoming more popular.

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About Jessore District:

Jessore District, officially known as Jessore District, is a region in southwestern Bangladesh. Date sugar is named Patali, which makes using personally developed date sap. It is cooked, condensed, and preserved using conventional techniques. Patali is mostly composed of dates, yet Keshabpur Upazila and Manirampur Upazila produce a lot of dates. Jessore is the local capital.

According to the 2011 census, the population of Jessore district is 2,764,547. .55.5% of the population is Muslim, 14.21% is Hindu, and an additional 0.99% is practicing other religions.

 The primary occupation is agriculture 39. 394%, Rural Labor 24.13%, Wages 2.6888%, Business 11.99%, Administration 6.6.6%, Industry 1.44%, Transport 3.11% and others.

Jessore Airport:

Jessore Airport is an inland air terminal in Jessore, Bangladesh, operated and maintained by the Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh. Source: Wikipedia

Dhaka to Jessore Flight all Necessary Information

 In Bangladesh, Shahjalal International Airport is the nearest international airport to the capital Dhaka. The IATA code for this airport is DAC. The nearest airport is Jessore Airport. Whose IATA code, JSR.

Many airlines are offering their services as domestic flights in Bangladesh. Therefore, 3 airlines operate daily between Dhaka and Jessore (If you are not equal to any problem). There are about 72 flights a week from Dhaka to Jessore. Airlines are offering non-stop flights in about 00 hours and 40 minutes.

The Planes Running on the Dhaka to Jessore Route are:

Dhaka to Jessore Air Ticket Price

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Dhaka Jessore Air Ticket Price

Super Saver2900 ৳
Economy Saver 4000 ৳
Economy Flexible6000 ৳

US-Bangla Airlines Dhaka Jessore Air Ticket Price

Promotional Economy 3300 ৳
Discount Economy 3700 ৳
Restricted Economy 4500 ৳
Regular Economy 5600 ৳

Novoair Dhaka Jessore Air Ticket Price

Special Promo2700 ৳
Promo3600 ৳
Special4800 ৳
Discount5600 ৳
Saver6400 ৳
Flexible7100 ৳

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Dhaka to Jessore Flight Schedule

Biman Bangladesh Airlines
US-Bangla Airlines

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