Gulf Air Dhaka Office

Gulf Air Dhaka Office, Address, Contact Number, Ticket Booking

This complete arrangement is for those from Bangladesh who want to know the details of Gulf Air Dhaka office address, contact number, ticket booking, email, etc. It is necessary to know the said information so that you can receive any service related to flight booking by contacting the customer representatives of Gulf Air easily.

Gulf Air office has been established long ago with the aim of providing the best service to all Bangladeshi passengers. Because every year countless passengers travel from Dhaka to Bahrain through these airlines. As a result, there is a need for Gulf Air to conduct office operations to properly serve Bangladeshi passengers at present. In continuation of this, through their only office located in Dhaka, various services related to full-time passengers are being made the head of the flight.

This has made Gulf Air one of the most preferred airlines for passengers traveling from Bangladesh to Bahari. So if you also prefer to travel through Gulf Air, then you must know all the contact information of their office located in Gulshan, Dhaka city. By doing this you can receive round-the-clock service by calling their office from any part of Bangladesh.

Along with this, we will also inform you about the Dhaka cargo general sales agents of Gulf Air. Because for those who are doing commercial goods delivery from Bangladesh to Bahrain, the cargo service of Gulf Air will surely help. So for the best low-cost Gulf Air travel to the Middle East from Bangladesh know about their office located in Dhaka for proper service.

Gulf Air Dhaka Office, Address, Contact Number, Ticketing

If you want to fly to your desired destination via Gulf Air from Bangladesh then this is definitely a great plan. Because they have scheduled flights to different destinations in Bahrain Soho every day. Coupled with this is their excellent customer service facility. Which is open to all Gulf Air passengers of Bangladesh directly from Dhaka city.

As a common Gulf Air passenger, this complete article will help you to understand their office management and everything. We will let you know everything from the address of their office in Dhaka to the working hours. By this, you will be able to receive any service related to your travel very easily.

If you want to know any information regarding your flight booking by directly calling their customer representatives located in Dhaka, that is also possible. Those who want will also be able to receive the desired services by directly attending the office. Because we have discussed all the issues in detail you can contact them through all means.

As a result, you will find solutions for all Gulf Air ticket booking or flight rescheduling issues. Which will make the entire process of your air travel much easier.

Gulf Air Dhaka Office, Address, Contact Number, Ticketing
Gulf Air Dhaka Office, Address, Contact Number, Ticketing

Gulf Air Office in Dhaka, Bangladesh

You might be planning to travel to your desired destination with Gulf Air sometime soon. So now you want to talk to their office representatives for your air travel public guidance and flight booking matters. All of these are currently sourced from Bangladesh.

Because there is an office of Gulf Air at Gulshan-1 in the capital Dhaka from where you can avail all the necessary services. Each of their customer representatives works with utmost sincerity to ensure all your flight-related services. This has transformed the Gulf Air office in Dhaka into a very convenient affair for Bangladeshi passengers.

Gulf Air Dhaka Office

Gulf Air has its office in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. This office is the only official office of Gulf Air in Bangladesh. So you have to contact this office to avail of their services from any part of Bangladesh.

Therefore, we have discussed each important issue below in order that you can know the correct office address and contact number. You can also know about their cargo service office. We always want you to know the correct information so that you can take the air ticketing service of your choice.

We have discussed each topic in separate paragraphs so that you can understand all information very easily. Along with this, the necessary information for flight booking has been discussed.

Gulf Air Dhaka Office
Gulf Air Dhaka Office

Contact for Buying Gulf Air Tickets

01713-289170 (WhatsApp)

Note: We only sell Gulf Air tickets. This website has no affiliation with Gulf Air.

Gulf Air Dhaka Office Address

Gulshan Ticket Office Address

Hassan Center, 8th Floor, House-58/B, Road No 131,
Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.

Gulf Air Dhaka Office Contact Number

Dhaka Call Centre Number


Phone Number

+880 1711952470
+880 1777799793

Telephone Number

+88 02 9851966-9

Gulf Air Dhaka Office Email Address

[email protected]

Gulf Air Dhaka Office Working Hours
Saturday09:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Sunday10:00 AM – 05:00 PM
Monday10:00 AM – 05:00 PM
Tuesday10:00 AM – 05:00 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM – 05:00 PM
Thursday10:00 AM – 05:00 PM

Gulf Air Dhaka Cargo General Sales Agent

Deputy Manager (Sales & Res)

Name: Rezaul Karim
Tel: 880298866347 EXT 114-1712894682
Mail: [email protected]

Executive Director Cargo

Name: Amirul Islam
Tel: 298866347 EXT 117 – 1819221704
Mail: [email protected]

Deputy General Manager (Airport ops.)

Name: Abu Sayeed
Tel: 28901378/8901578-1711609059
Mail: [email protected]

Assistant General Manager (Sales)

Name: Dedarul Alam
Tel: 880298866347 EXT 138 – 1844147840
Mail: [email protected]

Official Website

Type of Services Gulf Air Provide from their Office

Any type of flight booking service a Gulf Air passenger needs from Bangladesh can be availed from their office. This is of course a matter of great joy for those who are planning to fly from Dhaka to their destination via these airlines.

If we tell you one place, Gulf Air’s Dhaka office is a one-stop solution center for Bangladeshi Air passengers. Which makes the whole steps of passengers traveling through Gulf Air easier and more beautiful.

If we tell their services one by one then you can get a more clear idea.

  • Flight Booking: You can easily book flights from any part of Bangladesh by contacting the office of Gulf Air located in Dhaka.
  • Flight Date Change: Those who want to change the date of their Gulf Air ticket can easily do so by contacting the office representatives.
  • Visa Processing: There is good news for those who want to do visa processing through Gulf Air. Because through them you can easily receive visa processing services.
  • Baggage Allowance: Gulf Air office representatives will assist you with complete information on how much and what type of baggage you can carry on the flight.
  • Flight Status: You can get the current location and flight details of the flight you will travel from the office located in Dhaka.

For this, we hunt the office of Gulf Air as the right representative for an air traveler. The Gulf Air Dhaka office is a solution center for all travel services.

Gulf Air Flight Schedule & Ticket Price from Bangladesh

Gulf Air is one of the airlines that fly from Bangladesh to Dhaka to Bahrain. They have been operating regular flights on this air route for a long time. As a result of their best air transport services at affordable prices, they are in high demand in Bangladesh.

Gulf Air has launched daily flights from Bangladesh to Bahrain for this large number of passenger transportation services. Which is a happy thing for travelers bound for Bahrain. But not all parties know about the departure time of these flights from Dhaka Airport.

As a result, common passengers spend a lot of time on Mondays booking scheduled Gulf Air flights and making travel arrangements. But we are publishing an eye so that you can solve all the problems and know every scheduled Gulf Air flight departing from Bangladesh.

From there you can easily know about the time schedule of all the flights that are currently operating.

Gulf Air Flight
Gulf Air Flight Schedule & Ticket Price
Dhaka to Bahrain Gulf Air Flight Schedule

Gulf Air currently operates 8 flights per week for the purpose of DAC – BAH. Of these, flight number GF 251 operates daily and flight number GF 249 operates only on Tuesdays. So you can reach your destination any day by traveling through these airlines.

However, if you want to know more about this, please refer to the following table. Here we can know about the exact time of day Gulf Air departs from Dhaka to Bahrain. Which will help passengers to select the right flight.

Flight NoDepartureArrivalOperationAirport Code
Gulf Air 25108:05 AM11:30 AMSat, Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, FriDAC – BAH
Gulf Air 2497:45 PM11:10 PMTuesDAC – BAH
Bahrain to Dhaka Gulf Air Flight Schedule
Flight NoDepartureArrivalOperationAirport Code
Gulf Air 24810:45 AM06:45 PMTuesBAH – DAC
Gulf Air 25011:05 PM07:05 AMSat, Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, FriBAH – DAC
Dhaka to Bahrain Gulf Air Ticket Price

Gulf Air has had a reputation for providing low-cost passenger transport since its inception. Therefore, Gulf Air is known as the first choice airline for passengers from Bangladesh who want to go to Bahrain. Because their air service is very nice and best compared to any other airlines.

So for your convenience in booking flights, we have published the list of Gulf Air ticket prices on the Dhaka to Bahrain route below. This list provides the currently fixed ticket prices by seat type. So check this list before buying the Gulf Air ticket.

Seat TypeTicket Price
Economy Light71,750 BDT
Economy Smart73,200 BDT
Economy Flex75,700 BDT
Falcon Smart122,140 BDT
Falcon Flex264,260 BDT
Bahrain to Dhaka Gulf Air Ticket Price
Seat TypeTicket Price
Economy Light27,700 BDT
Economy Smart29,110 BDT
Economy Flex31,670 BDT
Falcon Smart85,230 BDT
Falcon Flex137,220 BDT

Gulf Air In-Flight Services for Bangladeshi Passengers

Gulf Air In-Flight Services
Gulf Air In-Flight Services

Gulf Air always provides excellent in-flight service to every passenger. As a result, passengers are willing to travel through their airlines most of the time. Because among the low-cost airlines, they always provide the best quality passenger service compared to all other airlines.

Since you will be traveling on their flight from Bangladesh, you can definitely avail of the best inflight service ever. The highlight of the in-flight services for their passengers is serving free meals. They serve a variety of free snacks and food to every passenger during their journey.

In addition, several entertainment devices are attached to each seat. Which passengers use while traveling on flights to pass the time. You will be more than happy to know that every air hostess of Gulf Air is very sincere and kind. They work at all times with the aim of protecting the passengers and providing the best service.

Along with this, you will get the benefit of using free WiFi internet during the night stay on the flight. You also get a proper USB power supply for charging your phone and laptop. So for those things you have already understood that the inflight service of Gulf Air is definitely very nice and pleasant. It will mark a memorable and luxurious air journey in your life.

Gulf Air Free Baggage Allowance

The amount of free baggage allowance a passenger can carry while traveling with Gulf Air is determined. This amount is usually independent of the type of passenger’s ticket. So it is important to know the amount of free weight you can carry in the seat category you are booking.

Because by this you can take proper preparation for baggage. In order for all passengers of Gulf Air to know more clearly about it, we are publishing the amount of Free Baggage Allowance below through a simple table.

Here we can know the details about the free carry allowance for each seat.

Seat TypeCarry On BagChecked Bag
Economy Light6 KG2 Pcs
Economy Smart6 KG2 Pcs
Economy Flex6 KG2 Pcs
Falcon Smart9 KG2 Pcs
Falcon Flex9 KG2 Pcs

FAQ About Gulf Air Dhaka Office

From the above discussion, you have already come to know a lot of detailed information about the Gulf Air office operations and flights. So now maybe you are preparing to book the desired flight by contacting their office located in Dhaka.

But before that, know the answers to some important questions given below. These are generally what most Gulf Air passengers are interested in knowing. So we are publishing some important questions along with answers to make your Gulf Air journey more pleasant and safe.

Is the Gulf Air office in Dhaka open now?

Yes. At present, the only office of Gulf Air located in Bangladesh is operational. But to contact the office authorities you have to contact them during their working hours.

How can I buy Gulf Air tickets from Bangladesh?

You can buy Gulf Air tickets from Bangladesh through 3 methods. Such as;

1. Directly from their website.
2. From their office located in Gulshan, Dhaka city.
3. From various travel agencies.

Contact 01713-289172 now to buy the best Gulf Air ticket at an affordable price with Teheke, the reputed travel agency in Bangladesh.

What are the types of seats on Gulf Air flights?

Generally, their Dhaka to Bahrain flights has 5 types of seating arrangements for passengers. This will allow passengers to travel on their flights by making any booking.

How many total offices of Gulf Air in Bangladesh?

As of now, Gulf Air has 1 office in Bangladesh which is located in the capital city of Dhaka.

Can I contact Gulf Air customer representatives by calling directly?

Yes. From any part of Bangladesh, you can contact Utad’s customer service number by calling.

How do I reschedule my Gulf Air ticket?

You can easily reschedule the ticket for Gulf Air from a travel agency. To do this contact 01713-289173 now.

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It was our main objective that a Bangladeshi passenger of Gulf Air can book a flight with accurate information. So we have already shared all the information provided above including the Gulf Air Dhaka office address, contact number, ticket booking, and baggage.

In this way, every passenger has got to know the correct information of all information they need for air travel. However, if you want to know any more information about Gulf Air’s office activities and services located in Dhaka, then you can find out by commenting below or contacting us.

We are always ready to provide you with information about Gulf Air flight booking. This way you will get the right direction about your flight and ticket by contacting us anytime.


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