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Gulf Air Dhaka Office, Bangladesh Contact Info

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Gulf Air Dhaka Office

Gulf Air Dhaka Office Contact Info

Airlinesbd.com is Gulf Air’s official sales agent. Gulf Air Dhaka Office is available at Gulshan in Dhaka, Bangladesh. If you would like to take advantage of this amazing skill of Gulf Air, you will be collecting your tickets from Airlinesbd.com. Airlinesbd.com is one of the leading travel agencies in Bangladesh, they provide cheap airline tickets with various travel agents.


Contact for buying Gulf Air tickets

01713-289170 (WhatsApp)


Note: We only sell Gulf Air tickets. This website has no affiliation with Gulf Air.



Gulf Air Dhaka Office in Bangladesh

Baliaree Building
5th floor, Road # 130, House # 30,
South Avenue Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212

+88 02 9851966-9

Contact Number
+880 1711952470
+880 1777799793

[email protected]

Official Website

Gulf Air Online Check-in
www.gulfair.com/online check-in

Note: Online Check-in begins 24 hours before departure, and up until 90 minutes before the flight’s scheduled departure


Destinations of Gulf Air Dhaka Office Bangladesh

The airline operates several 50 destinations in 28 countries across Asia, Europe, Africa. With about six to six airlines in their fleet, the airlines are expanding their international destination airlines. They are shopping for a new craft to expand their service as they try to expand. As they plan to grow, they try to expand additional routes to Asia and Europe.


Queries Handled by Gulf Air Bangladesh Office Customer Care

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Book Your Ticket Online By Gulf Air Dhaka Office Bangladesh

Online tickets are currently one of the most reliable ways to request a ticket. An Internet ticket booking service saves you valuable time. You will be able to book tickets together with your app on your smartphone or PC device. Online ticketing service is not spamming. Each airline is currently booking an Internet price tag. A large number of people are currently booking tickets online. You should be able to check at any time to verify that you have been saved. You don’t have to be in a long queue to get your price tag. The online price tag booking system has become many and extra in style.

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What is Gulf Air?

Gulf Air may be an airline and flagship store dominated by Bahrain. Mohawk Airlines’ headquarters operate regularly in thirty countries across the continent, Asia and Europe. Its main focus is the international landing area of ​​Bahrain. Gulf Air can sponsor the Bahrain Grand Prix and Bahrain International Athletics. It was originally an international airline based near Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Oman, and Qatar.


About Gulf Air Dhaka Sales Office

Gulf Air may be a national airport within the state of Bahrain. Its headquarters are located in Bahrain International Aerodrome. The airline operates scheduled flights to 28 countries across Africa, Asia, and Europe, and Gulf Air, the headquarters of Bahrain International Airport in the Middle East, has become one of the center’s oldest airlines. Serving fifty cities in twenty countries, their vision has become to every favorite airport and refinery in the world. Their mission is to enhance our client skills by connecting our culture to a unique Arabian reception, providing safe, reliable, and seamless travel.


Gulf Air History and Major Events

Freddy Bosworth, a British pilot, and entrepreneur, started operating Doha and Dhahran flights from Bahrain in the late sixties. Later Bosworth expanded its services to a Galway Aviation company registered as a private holding company in the Gulf. It turns its current operating company Golf Air into one of the oldest carriers in the Middle East. The primary fleet consists of seven over and three-D Havilland DH86B four-engine aircraft. On October 9, the BOAC, a subsidiary of the British Foreign Airways Corporation, BOAC, became neutral and became an important aircraft partner in the Gulf. In-state, Bahrain, Qatar state, Abu Dhabi Emirates, and Oman governments in the United States of America have signed an agreement to approve the BOAC in the Gulf. The motivation agreement was signed on January 1, 2017, and gave each government twenty-five sessions of golf air and became a company. The operative company was now known as Gulf Air and has become the flag of 4 states.

Liquid and Boeing joins seven airlines Liquid L-4 Trenton and Boeing joined seven national airlines, including Amsterdam, Athens, Baghdad, Bombay, Bangkok, Beirut, Cairo, Colombo, Delhi, Hong Kong, Jeddah, Jeddah in 1976. Khartoum, Arnica, Manila, Paris, Ross Al-Khaimah and Sana Visor, VC10, 3BAC One-Eleven, two Boeing 737-200s, and 5 Lockheed L-1011s were quarterly in Karachi. In 1978, the airline doubled the Trista fleet to exchange for VC10. Meanwhile, Boeing 709. “At five o’clock in the morning, the aircraft flew one-eleven. Golf air travel and growth have increased fourfold, Golf Air has become a member of the IATA and has become a major international airport for landing in Riyadh next year. In 1985, the Emirates launched its first national carrier in Dubai. In its first years of operation, Gulf Air’s profits increased by half an hour, prompting the airline to abandon the privatization system. In 1986, Gulf Air showed signs of damage.

That year he joined the Boeing fleet and began service in a metropolitan city, Istanbul, Damascus, Dar Metal Salaam, Fujairah, and national capital airlines and resumed service in the city center and national capital. In 1994, Gulf Air received its primary aircraft A340-300. For travel to Singapore and Australia, a twenty-one smoking policy was established, which was subsequently introduced through its entire network. 2. Each year, Gulf Air launches three new routes for North Pakistan, Islamabad, the metropolis, and the city. It provided a 3-2 craft of six aircraft and launched a replacement Balmain uniform. The Gulf Air website opened in January 1997. In 2000, the airline celebrated its fiftieth day. It took delivery of the remaining aircraft A330-200 in June and launched the service in Milan. In 2002, James Hogan became president and CEO of Gulf Air and began a restructuring and turnaround program that announced his departure from Gulf Air on August 8, 2012, in search of Qatar’s own national airline, Catalo Airways. The state left its member states for 6 months with a will to withdraw.

The new summer schedule, launched April 2, 2006, called for Abu Dhabi Gala Air to operate on September 2, and the airline called for the withdrawal of Etihad Airways on September 27. The dual-center base between Bahrain and Mascot airports. The airline ran multiple ads in local newspapers, thanking Abu Dhabi for its contribution to Golf Air. As a national carrier within the UAE, Abu Dhabi has a large client base for more than thirty-five years. Gulf Air has attempted to highlight the continued support for connecting the remaining parts of the Gulf Air with Abu Dhabi and Bahrain and Muscat through a billboard published during a local newspaper. Bahrain International has ordered two Zeno and twelve A320 new crafts to be delivered to Women Air 2018 from January 2, January 25 to January 2018, and has canceled its commitment to collect six A330-00 craft. Additionally, Airlines Sixteen announced a restructuring order for the Boeing 787-9 craft. New Boeing 77 78 New 77- 1 The new order sequence is instead of the sixteenth order existing in the smaller Boeing 788 78 78–3. On June 2, Gulf Air suspended flights to Qatar during a diplomatic crisis in Qatar. The airline was briefly suspended in February when Pakistani airlines briefly closed its airspace due to tensions with the Indian Republic.


International Destinations


Bangladesh India Azerbaijan
Egypt Bahrain Hong Kong
Indonesia Iraq Jordan
Kuwait Malaysia Lebanon
Morocco Pakistan Oman
Saudi Arabia Philippines UAE
Turkey Thailand Sri Lanka


Cyprus France Germany
Georgia Greece Netherlands
Russia Spain United Kingdom


Ethiopia Sudan


Flight-Service of Gulf Air

Being a short-haul carrier, Gulf Air used only economy-class seats, currently offering premium service as a blend of spices to help customers rent more. They also receive more legroom facilities, priority check-in, and boarding services. Most importantly, airlines do not offer any complimentary food on their flights, but consumers have choices wherever they eat their food.


Gulf Air Baggage Allowance

Extra luggage is taken as per the Craft Policy. The luggage policy can be changed by the airline at any time. Carrying merchandise on planes would be considered a violation of the law. Check luggage and follow every rule to stay hassle-free.


Which you can’t bring in a plane, those items are

Real or toy weapons Arms and ammunition
Explosives or anything containing explosives (fireworks or firecrackers) Any kind of knifes
Metal cutlery Slingshot
Tradesman’s tool Darts
Scissors Knitting needles
Corkscrews Laser pointer
Razor blades Hypodermic needles and syringes (if for medical purposes, you have brought the medical certificate to confirm it)


Your Gulf Air tickets Booking

Make sure your price tag is up to eight hours long. This can help you guarantee time for your airlines. You will be able to check your price tags by contacting the airlines or agencies that provide you the tickets. You will be able to test the price tag by charging Maine for use and contacting us. It is important to verify your eight hours before boarding the boat and make sure it helps you with the excitement of your ticket.

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