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Cathay Pacific Dhaka Office Contact Info is a licensed sales agent for Cathay Pacific Dhaka Office. Cathay Pacific Airlines sales office was found on Doreen Tower, Gulshan-2, Dhaka in Bangladesh. If you would like to request Cathay Dragon Airlines for this amazing skill, you will develop your ticket from is one of the leading travel agencies in Bangladesh, they offer airline tickets at lower prices than different travel agents. provides airline tickets, bookings, holiday packages, and procedure visas for travel to almost any country in the world.


Contact for buying Cathay Pacific air tickets

01713-289170 (WhatsApp)


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Cathay Pacific Dhaka Office Address

L/7 Doreen Tower,
6A North Avenue C/A, Gulshan-2,
Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh

+88 02 9846801
+88 01978666138

Office Hours
Sunday-Thursday: 09:00-17:00

[email protected]

Official Website


Cathay Pacific Dhaka Airport Contact Info

Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport

Airport Phone
+88 (02) 890 1785

Baggage Services
+88 (02) 890 1785


Cathay Pacific Chittagong Sales Office

Global Aviation Services Ltd,
Shahjadi Chamber, Ground floor, 1331/B,
SK Mujib Road, Agrabad C/A, Chittagong-4100

+88 01978666138
+88 01766698188


Destinations of Cathay Pacific Airlines Dhaka Office Bangladesh

Cathay Pacific served five destinations, but 46 countries and 5 continental regions were not bound to code with advanced Asian networks. The aircraft serves several entry cities in North America and Europe, providing easy communication for at least one World and Code Share partner, American Airlines, and British Airways in LA and London. Also, the airlines became the Red China Dragon of Russia, providing ten French cities from Paris through a cryptography partnership with the French national rail operator, SNCF, to provide access to most of China’s seventeen locations.


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What is Cathay Pacific Airlines?

Cathay Pacific Airways Limited is considered as the headquarters of the Pacific Ocean or the port, and therefore the port is considered as the main hub of international territory. Software engineers and enterprise services have deployed passenger and freight services to more than 5 destinations around the world in five countries, including Cathay Airlines and Airlines, A1, Airplane AL1, and Boeing 777. Cathay Pacific operates two Boeing Three models, with Cathay Dragon fully supporting. Operating from six-port bases to six Asia-Pacific destinations. At 28, Cathay Pacific and Cathay Pacific Freight have several million passengers and one million tons of freight and mail and catheter dragons.

September 25 – The airline is located in the capital of the Australian state of HD Kanzu and Yank Roy C. Farrell. The airlines probably celebrate 25 years of anniversary; And as of March 2018, its main shareholder is R. Shire Pacific. It is mutually exclusive of all the major shareholders of Air China. Cathay is tenth in the world by Pacific sales and fourth-largest in aviation capital. At 25, Cathay Pacific became the busiest region in the world, Port International is the busiest region in the world and therefore the largest international freight airline in the world.


About Cathay Pacific Dhaka Sales Office

The limited dragon airlines in Hong Kong were Keith Dragon and the previous Dragon air. Cathay’s Dragon House is headquartered and its main center is the International Aerodrome. The airline operates flights to forty destinations in four countries. From the top of travelers’ safety, Flight 25 began in 2026, which motivated their customers to bring them back with their welcome and service. They constantly embrace innovation to encourage themselves. The airline was established on September 27, 1946. The largest center is Port International Aviation 25, Cathay Pacific, where about ten million passengers and one million tons were transported, including sewers. One of the innovative members of a World Alliance, Cathay Pacific won the PRC Pacific’s four-time “World’s Best Airline” award and is systematically on the list of the most effective airlines in the world.


Cathay Pacific Airlines History and Major Events

Cathay Pacific Airways was established on September 27, 1944, in the urban center. The first partner zone units are Sidney “Sid” First State Kinjo, Roy Farrell, Neil Buchanan, Donald Britt Evans, and Robert “Bob” Stanley Russell. Buchanan and Russell have already worked at the Shanghai headquarters of Roy Ferrell Import-Export on behalf of Delaware Kinjo and Pharrell. Delaware Kinjo and Farrell are each former Air Force pilots who flew ramps to the Himalayas. Bella Field, the first shuttle to the airport, thanked Shanghai for purchasing the Poll DC-5 at Bush Field in NY City and received a Ferrell and Russell Craft license from Sydney earlier this month. Its first commercial craft was an Australian ship. After capturing the craft of the company multiple times a year, the company took two of its craft to Hong Kong. In September, Ferrell and First State Ferrell re-registered with Kenton Pacific Airways Hong Kong with two sisters, 6 and one or two airlines, as part of an export-import company. The rent was made by Kathy. In the history of international companies, two companies were formed in the process of taxation.

The ancient names were given to China and the Pacific, with fertile calculations airlines once had names that they could cross the Pacific Ocean. What’s more, it was already used to avoid the name “Air Catha” in a comic book. The Chinese name for this company does not last until eighth, it is a Chinese thought that means “peace and prosperity” and it comes from various businesses commonly known as Cathay in English. For ministers, furnishings, drunkenness, and various things were tied to Shanghai and it was worshiped and Cathay was chosen to avoid the Chinese name of the airline. Its airline 1 flies to Downtown, Sydney, Manila, Singapore, Shanghai, Saigon, Bangkok, and additional leased destinations. , 5 lots DC-5 and 2 Vicar Catalina sea aircraft. In 1948, he joined the China Australian Navigation Agency and the new partner of Keith Pacific as an alternative legal person for Cathay Pacific Airways to acquire assets from a professional. Pacific Ball also has a 5% holding of it, while Canto, Farrell, and Russell were then partners with Cathay Pacific Holdings, which said it had an airdrome in a British colony in the city’s largest colony. Although Delaware Cants was a British breed of Australian roots, Farrell Yank, was forced to sell for the most part. The quant zoo was the first sworn-in state that had been on the aerodrome for five years, and because of his wife’s health problems, Farrell Cattell sold his minority in the Pacific only sold He came to TX and became a successful bourgeoisie.

This promise is after the unchanged shipping of Cathay Pacific Airways. On December 5, 2020, a group of five heater reservoirs was captured by a reservoir by Sound Pacific Airlines. However, as a cluster addition to Saver, China’s second-largest investor, Air China, has signed an agreement with investors in Cathay Pacific and Air China-owned investors. With seven City Center airports ubiquitous throughout the Gregorian calendar month, airlines developed in the late nineties and early 60s. On average, one to four airlines have doubled, and Japan’s Fukuoka, Nagoya, and Osaka international airports have become the world’s primary. On January 1st, Cathay Pacific and its parent company Sawyer Pacific Dragon are a major property and merchant partner at Fifth City Center with four airlines. In the early sixties, the airline launched a program to remove liability for passenger services inexperienced and white strip levers, in 25 programs, the airline launched a replacement company, changing the image of the $ 2 million Hong Kong dollar program. The fleet was expected to own a replacement brand within four years.

On Monday, July 6, 1998, Kai Take International Field left its last industry at 251 London Heathrow Field in Cathay Pacific when it was more than thirty years old. The next day, Cathay Pacific Flight 4, was the initial arrival to the new metropolis in Czech Lap Coke, Hong Kong. On the additional board were Captain Electronic Acoustic Transducer Luke and 1st Officer Calvin Ma. This aircraft was the world’s 1st Tupperware Point flight from the extra apples to the metropolis. The Polar One aircraft saves three to four hours compared to a stop flight in Vancouver and takes about sixteen hours between metropolitan and greater Apple Kennedy. It is the longest eight in the world, 055m.

At twenty-five, Cathay completed the acquisition of Dragon air while mastering labor relations in the Pacific. On November 18, 2002, the airline delivered 340-600 craft to 140 airlines at an event in the aircraft factory in Taurus. Cash Pacific was Asia’s promising client for the Pacific A340-600, and so the craft was the first leasing of the International Leasing Finance Corporation. On December 2, Cathay ordered four Boeing 77-1 ER cruise leases from IPLFC July 2 to July 25, and twenty-one pick-up orders were renewed in June. 2006. Airlines ordered three additional A330-300s on the same day, with a delivery of this craft scheduled for 20. Cathay Pacific Five Extra-Wide-Body Boeing 77-37777-3-5 ER aircraft fulfills the promise in the United States .4.5 billion, 23 variants to celebrate the sixth day of the aircraft in 2006, the progress of the common man to watch a one-year roadshow called “Cathay” Pacific Sixth Day Sky show. Introduces the day’s product and flight meal provided by them.


International Destinations

Australia Bangladesh Bahrain Belgium
Canada Cambodia China Denmark
France Germany Hong Kong India
Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy
Japan Malaysia Maldives Mexico
Netherlands New Zealand Pakistan Philippines
Qatar Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore
South Africa South Korea Spain  Sri Lanka
Switzerland Taiwan Thailand United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom United States Vietnam s


Flight Service of Cathay Pacific Airlines

Being a short-haul carrier, Spice Jet Airlines used only economy-class seats, currently offering premium service as a blend of spices to help customers rent more. They also receive more legroom facilities, priority check-in, and boarding services. Most importantly, airlines do not offer any complimentary food on their flights, but consumers have choices wherever they eat their food.


Cathay Pacific Airlines Baggage Allowance

Extra luggage is taken as per the Craft Policy. The luggage policy can be changed by the airline at any time. Carrying merchandise on planes would be considered a violation of the law. Check luggage and follow every rule to stay hassle-free.


Which you can’t bring in a plane, those items are

Real or toy weapons Arms and ammunition
Explosives or anything containing explosives (fireworks or firecrackers) Any kind of knifes
Metal cutlery Slingshot
Tradesman’s tool Darts
Scissors Knitting needles
Corkscrews Laser pointer
Razor blades Hypodermic needles and syringes (if for medical purposes, you have brought the medical certificate to confirm it)


Your Cathay Pacific Airlines Tickets Booking

Make sure your price tag is up to eight hours long. This can help you guarantee time for your airlines. You will be able to check your price tags by contacting the airlines or agencies that provide you the tickets. You will be able to test the price tag by charging Maine for use and contacting us. It is important to verify your eight hours before boarding the boat and make sure it helps you with the excitement of your ticket.

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