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SriLankan Airlines Dhaka Office, Bangladesh Contact Info

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Srilankan Airlines Dhaka Office

SriLankan Airlines Dhaka Office Contact Info

Airlinesbd.com is a licensed sales agent for Sri Lankan Airlines. The SriLankan Airlines Dhaka Office is available at the Safura Tower in Banani, Bangladesh. If you choose to acquire the great skills of Sri Lankan Air, you will be collecting your tickets from Airlinesbdcom. Airlinesbd.com is one of the leading travel agencies in Bangladesh. They offer cheaper airline tickets than different travel agents. Airlinesbd.com provides airline tickets, ticket bookings, holiday packages, and procedure visas for travel to almost any country in the world.


Contact for buying SriLankan Airlines tickets

01713-289170 (WhatsApp)


Note: We only sell Sri Lankan Airlines tickets. This website has no affiliation with Sri Lankan Airlines.



SriLankan Airlines Dhaka Office Address

Wings Spence Aviation Ltd.
Safura Tower (Ground Floor),
20 Kemal Ataturk Avenue,
Banani C/A, Dhaka-1213


Fax Number

[email protected]

Official Website


Destinations of SriLankan Airlines Dhaka Office Bangladesh

The airline operates a total of forty destinations in twenty countries around the world. The airlines are aiming to expand their international destination airlines. As they expand, they are shopping for a new craft to expand their service. In line with their growth plans, they plan to expand many routes in Asia and Europe. It is based on Boeing and Bombardier’s Dash-8 Q400.


Queries Handled by SriLankan Airlines Bangladesh Office Customer Care

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Book Your Ticket Online By SriLankan Airlines Dhaka Office Bangladesh

Online tickets are currently one of the most reliable ways to request a ticket. An Internet ticket booking service saves you valuable time. You will be able to book tickets together with your app on your smartphone or PC device. Online ticketing service is not spamming. Each airline is currently booking an Internet price tag. A large number of people are currently booking tickets online. You should be able to check at any time to verify that you have been saved. You don’t have to be in a long queue to get your price tag. The online price tag booking system has become many and extra in style.

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What is Sri Lankan Airlines?

Sri Lanka Airlines is a Sri Lankan flag carrier and a member of the One World Airlines Alliance. It is currently the largest airline in the state by many airlines and destinations and was launched in Sri Lanka after completing the first Sri Lankan flagship air salon as Air Lanka. When the Emirates partially acquired it in 1998, it was rebranded, and the current liability began. On the twenty-one date, all airline shares from the United Arab Emirates to the Sri Lankan government are uncontrolled. At the top of the Emirates Partnership, it continues to use its re-brand name and brand. The airline does not change the stigma due to most government policies. Twenty-one has been in the UAE since then. State Airlines operates five airlines weekly.


About SriLankan Airlines Dhaka Sales Office

Sri Lankan Airlines is the Sri Lankan Airlines. Airline One became a global member of the airline alliance, which started in 1999 and is now Sri Lanka’s largest airline. Sri Lanka | Ceylon Country | State | Land-airports are the carrier of Sri Lanka’s accident. In Asia, with the phrase “You are the only one in our world,” their airlines aim to provide full flat-bed seats and seats for their or its business division passengers, including audio-video on-demand (AVOD) facilities for the Economy Department. The airline was the first Wi-Fi operated by a South Asian airline. All department cabins have the choice of paying for flight web access and mobile telecom services. They serve delicious food. There is already a special meal for customers to request for food. The first airline in Colombo is Bandaranaike.


SriLankan Airlines History and Major Events

Founded by the Sri Lankan government, on July 28, 2006, Air Link operated two Boeing four aircraft on the Singapore Airlines lease. In the eighties, various destinations were added to the network, and new craft was added to the fleet. In 1990, Air Lanka served twenty-six destinations. Two years later, in 1998, Dubai-based Emirates Cluster Air Lanka personalized and added a private A320 craft. America raised a quarter of the seventeen million dollars raised, followed by 1.5% in Air Lanka, and airlines and fleets attempted to renew a Sri Lankan craft completely. In the following 2 years, six aircraft have upgraded the A330-200 craft accessories and the existing A340 two-class configuration (in the Business and Economy class). On July 2, a Sri Lankan Airlines craft executed a terrorist attack at Bandana Airport (12 planes were destroyed and three were badly damaged). Over the years, Sri Lanka Airlines has started weekly flights to Indian destinations within the region and is preparing to expand its largest operation.

On May 2, the Sri Lankan government decided to end the management agreement with Emirates Airlines, and the new management company sold six planes a year to finance it. After the partnership between the two airlines was terminated, Sri Lanka Airlines Emirates usually ceased to be part of the sky-flying program. As a result, Sri Lanka Airlines has begun frequent flyer programs, including fly miles. Twenty years ago, Sri Lanka Airlines became an environmentally friendly company, taking numerous initiatives to evaluate and recycle waste business. On March 2, Sri Lankan Airlines ‘UL-7’ made history because of the region’s primary ‘green aircraft’ in South Asia. 21-A, Sri Lanka | Sri Lanka | Sri Lanka of the Democratic Socialist Republic | Ceylon Country | After the state shares and Sri Lanka Airlines and Emirates have a relationship.

With the launch of the latest service in the 21st Century Sri Lanka Airlines port, Kochi and Moscow, its global route network has expanded to 31 exclusive destinations. Also, decades later, airlines deliver the novel A320-200 directly from the airline. In 2002, Sri Lanka Airlines was announced because it was the last member of the first world. Airlines still offer product enhancements with the acquisition of the A320 and the acquisition of the existing A330 and A340 craft (including Leather Interior, progressive IMS Rev Diversion System, and flatbed seats business division). On June 2, Sri Lanka signed a Memorandum of Understanding for four A350-900s and 6 A330-300s as part of a long-distance fleet. The combination of these planes gives Sri Lankan Airlines the best comfort for its passengers and can enjoy a high efficiency level at any time. The initial A330-300 craft arrived in the national capital in late 2014.

On July 25, at the Sea World Travel Awards, the airline received a special “acclaimed award” to recognize its service in South Asian travel and welcome trade. Appointed for the Maldives and Maldives Sales and PR Corporation Touristy Awards, Sri Lanka Airlines buys five businesses each week, the largest international airline operating in the Maldives, every business and leisure. On May 7, Sri Lanka Airlines officially became a member of the World, and the primary carrier for the Indian International Underground hit the international airport. On February 2, Sri Lanka Airlines finalized the agreement to lease two aircraft to 321 Neo. By March 2, it was safe to deliver 22NNO to Sri Lanka Airlines Airlines A2 and 2. On January 2, 20, Sri Lanka Airlines replaced its latest aircraft A340-00 craft with 5 new A330-00 craft per year, and the A350-900 is set to launch in 2019 as well. On October 2, just a short distance from Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka’s only powerful national airline has an additional 10 new destinations on the Sri Lankan Airlines Mirin Lanka route network.

Sri Lanka Airlines has suspended operations in Paris, Frankfurt, and Rome on top of Paris. Heathrow Airlines London is the only European destination that will expand its regional routes to Asia. On 22 October, Sri Lanka Airlines Australia started regular direct flights to Melbourne daily, although excluding this long route, it and the airlines maintained a short-haul central network strategy. In April 2018, Sri Lanka Airlines recorded annual passenger earnings. 126.9 billion for 2017/18, the best in its 38-year history. The only fatal incident was that of Sri Lankan Airlines. For the first time, a bomb planted by the Tamil Elm Liberation Tigers exploded before carrying a Lockheed L-1011 ‘thruster’ and killed 21 of the 148 passengers.


International Destinations


Bangladesh India Thailand
UAE Lebanon China
Saudi Arabia Sri Lanka Japan
Qatar Maldives Pakistan
Malaysia Indonesia Kuwait
Bahrain Oman Singapore



Austria Switzerland Sweden
France Germany Italy
Russia United Kingdom Belgium





Flight-Service of SriLankan Airlines

Spice Jet Airlines used only economy-class seats as a short-haul carrier, currently offering premium service as a blend of spices to help customers rent more. They also receive more legroom facilities, priority check-in, and boarding services. Most importantly, airlines do not offer complimentary food on their flights, but consumers have choices wherever they eat their food.


Baggage Allowance

Extra luggage is taken as per the Craft Policy. The luggage policy can be changed by the airline at any time. Carrying merchandise on planes would be considered a violation of the law. Check luggage and follow every rule to stay hassle-free.


Which you can’t bring in a plane, those items are

Real or toy weapons Arms and ammunition
Explosives or anything containing explosives (fireworks or firecrackers) Any knifes
Metal cutlery Slingshot
Tradesman’s tool Darts
Scissors Knitting needles
Corkscrews Laser pointer
Razor blades Hypodermic needles and syringes (if for medical purposes, you have brought the medical certificate to confirm it)


Your Sri Lankan tickets Booking

Make sure your price tag is up to eight hours long. This can help you guarantee the time for your airlines. You will be able to check your price tags by contacting the airlines or agencies that provide you the tickets. You will be able to test the price tag by charging Maine for use and contacting us. It is important to verify your eight hours before boarding the boat and make sure it helps you with your ticket’s excitement.

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