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Go First Dhaka Office, Bangladesh Contact Info

Airlinesbd.com is a licensed sales agent for Go First Dhaka Office. The GoAir Dhaka office is situated in Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh, near Ahmed Building, Kamal Ataturk Lane. Low-cost airline Go Air is founded in Mumbai, India.

GoAir, a Mumbai-based airline founded in 2005, now offers service to 21 locations. The airline now runs roughly 156 flights each day. In actuality, GoAir first began offering air travel services to supply airplane seats at slight surcharges for training around India.

Go First Dhaka Office (GSA)

The Go Air Dhaka office is in Banani, Dhaka. Passengers flying with Go Air from Bangladesh may receive full service from the Go Air Dhaka office.

Where travelers may reach them directly to get any facts or services linked to their trip. Do you know this office’s location, phone number, or operating hours? If the result is no, don’t stress. With the information provided below, you can learn it all in detail.

Let’s talk about the level of assistance you may expect if you get in touch with their office.

You will undoubtedly receive flight booking services because you are the airline company’s office. However, in addition to this, you can also acquire all other essential services from them.

Such as changing a flight, obtaining a travel visa, booking a hotel, eating on the flight, and having extra luggage allowed. You may use Go Air to go to your goal in safety as a consequence.

Contact for Buying Oman Air Tickets

01713-289170 (WhatsApp)


Note: We only sell Oman Air tickets. This website has no affiliation with Oman Air.

Go First Dhaka Office Address

Go First Airlines (India) Limited
GSA: Saimon Air Travels Ltd
Saimon Center
House: 4A Road: 22 Gulshan-1, Dhaka

Go Air Dhaka Office Contact Number


Go Air Official Website


Go Air Flight Ticket Booking Process from Bangladesh

The most efficient way to purchase tickets right now is online. You may save both valuable time and resources by using an online ticket-buying tool. With the help of your apps, you may book a ticket using your laptop. Fraud is not used in web ticketing services.

Furthermore, each airline offers several discounts on OTA. Online flight bookings are presently quite popular. To get your ticket, you don’t need to wait in a lengthy line. Booking an airline ticket online is quite easy. Just execute a few simple actions, including:

  • Find your route by entering the starting and ending places.
  • Depending on your date, choose One-Way or Round-Trip.
  • A number of travelers, regardless of class,
  • Select “Search” from the menu.
  • Create an account
  • To purchase your airline ticket, enter your balance
  • and buy your airline ticket using your fund or balance.
  • Get your E-Ticket downloaded on your phone.
  • On-Board Present your e-ticket to receive your boarding pass.

Go Air Flight Ticket Cancellation Process from Bangladesh

To cancel a Go Air ticket there is a process you need to follow. You can cancel your tickets via online tools or offline. If you want to cancel your tickets offline then you need to contact the Go Air Dhaka office.

Go Air India Flight Ticket Rescheduling from Bangladesh

Four hours prior to departure, the customer requests an amendment Go air prohibits any unpaid amendments. The customer may alter their departure date by charging the applicable fare and rescheduling penalties.

Go Air Flight
Go Air Flight

Go Air Online Check-in

You may check-in online utilizing Go Air’s web check-in service. Unlike the majority of other carriers, Go Air offers web check-in for international & domestic trips from 72 h to around 2 hours before departing. You just require to input your PNR or boarding pass, surname, and email address for Go Air web check-in. For Go Air trips, 9 people can web check-in at once.

Go Air Immigration Services

Go Air serves a really good service to immigrants. It is well-known for the immigration service. This airline ensures the safety and comfort of the passengers.

Go Air All Destinations from Dhaka, Bangladesh

In addition to 50 national & regional locations in Thailand, seven in Muscat as well as Abu Dhabi, & 25 locations in Dubai, Kuwait, including Singapore, Mumbai, Bangalore, and New Delhi.

Go Air is currently available in all of these locations as of October 2019. The flight operates Over 2200 trips and 325 daily flights are offered by the carrier. The terminals at Old Delhi, Kannur, and Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, serve as the airline’s bases.

By October 11, 2018, the airline launched its first international flights from Delhi via Phuket, Mumbai through Phuket, Mumbai, as well as Delhi on October 12 & October 14.

ThailandUnited Arab EmiratesCambodia

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Go Air In-Flight Meals

Go Air offers amazing food on their flights. You can choose your preferred meals from their food menu. You also pre-order while check-in. For more details, visit their official website.

Go Air In-Flight Services

Go air in-flight service is not top-notch but as a low-cost carrier, it serves its best to the passengers. For further details about the in-flight service, you can contact on 01713-289171.

Go Air Airport Facilities

Go Air Flight Tickets, Air Fare Rebooking, Web Check-in, Luggage Allowance, Duty-Free Allocation, Info about flights, lounge access, and visa requirements Airport Transportation, Lost Baggage, Meeting, In-Flight Food Airport services, in-flight amusement, flight delays, visa on departure, flight wi-fi connectivity, in-flight amenities Economy Category, and Business Category, etc. handled by the airport.

Go Air Baggage Allowance

In Go Air flights, the maximum allowable amount of luggage is 15 kilograms. You may pre-purchase any additional luggage that you need to bring that weighs more than the 15 kg allowed per piece of checked baggage.

Which you can’t bring in a plane those items are?
Real or toy weaponsArms and ammunition 
Explosives or anything containing explosives(fireworks or firecrackers)Any kind of knifes
Metal cutlerySlingshot 
Tradesman’s toolDarts 
ScissorsKnitting needles 
CorkscrewsLaser pointer 
Razor bladesHypodermic needles and syringes (if for medical purposes, you have brought the medical certificate to confirm it)

Go Air Missing Luggage

If your baggage is missing or delayed after 21 days also then you will have to submit a report to find your luggage. After the claim report, they will let you know if your luggage is found. If they failed to find your suitcase you will get a penalty.

FAQ About Go First Dhaka Office

Does Go Air still offer service from Bangladesh?

The world’s culinary destinations, including India, are presently accessible to travelers from Bangladesh via Go Air Airlines.

Do travelers on Go Air planes receive meals?

On Go Airplanes, light lunches are offered to travelers.

How can I modify the Go Air ticket’s termination date?

To modify the ticket date, you must contact the Go Air Dhaka office or a reputable travel company. Alternatively, you may modify the date of your flight directly on their own website.

Which is the working period of the Go Air Dhaka office?

The working period of the office is from 9 am to 5 pm.

Which is the off day for the Go Air Dhaka office?

Friday-Saturday is the off day of the office.

How can I contact the Go Air Dhaka agent?

You can contact us at 01713-289171.

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Types of Planes Available with Go Air

Go Air has 5 Airbus A320-200 and 55 Airbus A320 neo. These fleets are amazing in providing a low-carrier.

The information regarding Go Air Dhaka office contact details, location, & flight is now concluded. You must also have acquired a lot of specific details about Go Air if you’ve read this page from beginning to end.



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