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Thai Lion Air Dhaka Office Contact Info is a Thai Lion Air official sales agent. Thai Lion Air Dhaka Office at Banani, Dhaka in Bangladesh. If you would like to specialize in this great Thai Lion Air, you will book your ticket to is one of the leading travel agencies in Bangladesh, they offer low-cost airline tickets with alternative travel agents.

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01713-289170 (WhatsApp)


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Thai Lion Air Dhaka Office

5th Floor, Modhumoti Plaza Concord,
Plot # 11, Road # 11, Block # G,
Banani, Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh

+880 2 5504 2000

Office Hours
Saturday to Friday: 9.00am-6.00pm

Official Website

Destinations of Thai Lion Air Dhaka Office Bangladesh

The airlines operate more than 47 destinations on two continents. The airlines are about to expand their international destination airlines. They are shopping for a new craft to expand their service as they commit to expanding. In their expansion plans, they are committed to expanding many routes in Asia and Europe. Its fleet includes the Boeing and Bangladesh 8Q400.

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What is Thai Lion Air?

PT Lion Mentor Airlines operated because of the Indonesian affordable airline Lion Air. Jakarta-based Lion Air is the country’s largest in-camera run airline, the second largest affordable airline in Southeast Asia (after AirAsia), and Indonesia’s largest.

The airline operates charter routes internationally with more than four connections to China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Macao, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, India, Japan, and Saudi Arabia.

The airline has repeatedly broken the $ 22 million order record of ordering the most important aircraft, such as the A320 jet of 234 aircraft, for Boeing’s 230 competitive craft. It was an International Civil Aviation Organization audit in June 2018 when it received a positive safety rating.

Thai Lion Air History and Major Events

Rushdie and Kusanan Kirana discovered the airline on October 25 and began hunting for Boeing Seven II in Jakarta Denpasar and Pontianak from June. It was Indonesia’s primary affordable airline. The fleet was expanded with 4 Yakolev Yak-22d, 2 McDonnell Douglas MD-22S, and 2 sub-leased aircraft A-1S leases. The rapid expansion enables Boeing to modernize the fleet with seven 3737s and Boeing 7 a subsidiary was created in 2003 called Wings Air, which operates flights on low-density routes. In Malaysia, Malindo Air was created in 2002 with additional companies, Thai Lion Air II in Siam and a full-service subsidiary locally known as Batik Air.

 The airline is about to join the International Shipping Association (IATA), and thus Garuda Indonesia. Dutch East Indies | Country | State | Ground} IATA is expected to be Indonesia’s second carrier. Initial IATA assessments for Lion Air membership failed in the early 20s for the issue of protection. Lion Air and Boeing State were the diodes to use the Specific Navigation Performance (RNP) method, which has been successfully validated at 2 terrain-challenged airports in Ambon and Manado.

On July 8, the aircraft landed a Lion’s half-dozen planes to prohibit transitory performance (OTP). Transport Minister Leon Air’s TP. In contrast, airlines have delayed their flight-to-flight schedule on the Jakarta grounds due to delays in moving on the runway.

On November 2, 2009, the airline announced a joint order to set up 222 Boeing easy 3-770 craft records, including 212 Boeing Easy Leaves and Boeing’s, which recorded 230 craft orders for 7 $ 217 billion aircraft worldwide.

Lion Air has set up a full-service airline known as Batik Air, which can start sailing on 7-12 with 73R. Lion Air has jointly signed an agreement with Boeing for the initial launch of five Boeing 787 Dreamliners for this aircraft. Garuda Indonesia, one of twenty-one canceling Lion Air when ordering five Dreamliners. It will be sent to the world. The airlines were also ready to buy 787, considering the airline’s A330 order.

International Destinations


Bangladesh Malaysia Indonesia India
China Thailand South Korea Myanmar
Sri Lanka Vietnam Philippines Japan
Hong Kong Saudi Arabia Nepal Macau
Pakistan Cambodia Taiwan  



Thai Lion Air Baggage allowance

Additional luggage is taken as per aircraft policy. The baggage policy is revised by airlines at any time. Carrying forbidden goods on the plane is about to break the law. Check luggage and follow every rule to stay hassle-free.

Which you can’t bring in a plane those items are

Real or toy weapons Arms and ammunition
Explosives or anything containing explosives(fireworks or firecrackers) Any kind of knifes
Metal cutlery Slingshot
Tradesman’s tool Darts
Scissors Knitting needles
Corkscrews Laser pointer
Razor blades Hypodermic needles and syringes (if for medical purposes, you have brought the medical certificate to confirm it)

Thai Lion Air Booking your ticket

Please confirm your ticket eight hours before your point. This can help you guarantee the time for your airlines and airlines. You will check your ticket by contacting the airlines or companies that give you the ticket. You will check the ticket by contacting us and charging us to use Maine collectively. It is very important to verify your ticket and confirm it eight hours before the board time. This can help you keep the ticket hassle-free. Check your tickets.

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