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Salam Air Dhaka Office, Bangladesh Contact Info

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Salam Air Dhaka Office

Salam Air Dhaka Office Contact Info

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Contact for buying Salam Air tickets

01713-289170 (WhatsApp)


Note: We only sell Salam Air tickets. This website has no affiliation with Salam Air.



Salam Air Dhaka Sales Office

GSA – AeroWing Aviation Limited
Baliaaree (2nd Floor), Plot # 30, Road #130,
Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan1 Dhaka 1212Bangladesh

+8802 58811683

[email protected]

Official Website


Queries Handled by Salam Air Dhaka Office Customer Care

Flight Ticket Booking, Ticket Cancellation, Flight Ticket Schedule, Board OK, On-Line Arrival, Luggage Allowance, Nontaxable Allowance, Flying Field Information, Flying Field Lounge, Visa Information, Flight Food, Flying Field Transfer, Absence, Valet Parking, Meat & Grits, Flight Wi-Fi, Flying Field Wi-Fi, In-Flight Diversion, Budgie Flying Field Fly Ta. For each flight delay, arrival visas, great, Business Department, Economics Division, and pale miles Salam Airplane.


What is Salam Air?

Salaam Air Oman is the first and largest low-cost airline in Bangladesh. Under the airline’s BD community, the Airways office is one of the largest Salaam Air Dhaka sales offices in Bangladesh. The airline was founded in 2016 and offered low-cost airlines, convenient travel options, and attractive destinations for over 18 destinations worldwide, offering the bright tariff aesthetics of its brand A320 family. They use 3D Airbus A320 aircraft and 3D Airbus A320 aircraft; this makes them the first Omani carrier to use high-rated single-aisle aircraft.


About Salam Air Sales Office

The headquarters of Salam Air Oman and its muscat International Airport. Salam Air flies to several destinations around the world. Salam Air was founded in 2014 and is owned by the National Development and Investment Agency in Muscat.

Airbus A320 News will add airline distribution to its network to increase connectivity to the region’s popular and short to medium-sized add 173 seats to the A320 and, therefore, 180 seats to the A320neo, giving passengers generous leg space and a cushy seat pitch, which is a smooth one. And ensures enjoyable journeys. Salute Air strives to be friendly, helpful, and easy to portray with three voice principles.


Destinations of Salam Air Dhaka Office Bangladesh

Over the past few years, Salamanders have rapidly expanded the range of their destinations, and we are still growing! Based in Oman, we offer various domestic airlines, especially helpful if you visit domestic family or friends in the country. You will fly to Shalala or Sahara by a short flight from the Mask at the airport.

We supply various international destinations; Trying to find pyramids across East, Africa, Asia, and Nepal throughout the center or climb Everest? Salam Air can help you get there! Below can be a list of current destinations, things to try and do on your own, and more. As we open new routes and destinations, you’ll be aware that this page is about to be updated.


Salam Air History and Major Events

Oman’s first low-cost carrier, Salam Air, was awakened by Oman and its people’s awareness. The airline was founded in 2016 and offered low-cost airlines, convenient travel options, and attractive destinations worldwide.

Being a low-cost carrier means giving people a choice and fulfillment in shaping travel and having a great experience. We want more people to travel more often without compromising their experience and allow them to stay on the journey they need.

Salam Air is a national development and investment company, owned and operated by Muscat, which won the government tender on January 2, partnered with AASAS State General Reserve Account, Mascot Municipality, and various pension funds.

The Oman Public Authority for Civil Aviation invites a bidder to operate low-cost commercial airlines in Oman. The airline operates three Airbus A320-200 leases from Latham Group, South America. In conjunction with the country’s National Day, its first aircraft arrived in Muscat on November 2, 2016.

The flight between Omani city Muscat and Salam began on January 1, 2017, Salami’s first international service, Muscat-Dubai, began on February 26, 2020. It was initially served at Dubai World Central, but the service is planned to be Dubai international.

Due to the first operator in Sultana, we recently introduced the Airbus A320 new. This first aircraft is a component of the Six A320 News, expanding our network to support airlines on connecting popular and short to medium-sized routes in the region. Salam Air’s three-voice principles are friendly, helpful, and easy to illustrate.

We work together to do good things for our company, country, customers, and community. We always respond kindly to improving as a team while tackling challenges together. Many thanks for being a part of our success.


International Destinations

Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Egypt
Georgia Iran Iraq Kuwait
Nepal Oman Pakistan Qatar
Saudi Arabia Sri Lanka Sudan Thailand
Turkey United Arab Emirates    


Flight Service of Salam Air

Being a short-haul carrier, Spice Jet Airlines used only economy-class seats, currently offering premium service. They also receive more legroom facilities, priority check-in, and boarding services. Most importantly, airlines do not offer complimentary food on their flights, but consumers have choices wherever they eat their food.


Baggage Allowance

Extra luggage is taken as per the Craft Policy. The luggage policy can be changed by the airline at any time. Carrying merchandise on planes would be considered a violation of the law. Check luggage and follow every rule to stay hassle-free.


Which you can’t bring in a plane, those items are

Real or toy weapons Arms and ammunition
Explosives or anything containing explosives (fireworks or firecrackers) Any knifes
Metal cutlery Slingshot
Tradesman’s tool Darts
Scissors Knitting needles
Corkscrews Laser pointer
Razor blades Hypodermic needles and syringes (if for medical purpose, you have brought the medical certificate to confirm it)


Your tickets Booking

Make sure your price tag is up to eight hours long. This can help you guarantee the time for your airlines. You will be able to check your price tags by contacting the airlines or agencies that provide you the tickets. You will be able to test the price tag by charging Maine for use and contacting us. It is important to verify your eight hours before boarding the boat and make sure it helps you with your ticket’s excitement.


Book Your Ticket Online Bye Salam Air Dhaka Office Bangladesh

Online tickets are currently one of the most reliable ways to request a ticket. An Internet ticket booking service saves you valuable time. You will be able to book tickets together with your app on your smartphone or PC device. Online ticketing service is not spamming. Each airline is currently booking an Internet price tag. A large number of people are currently booking tickets online. You should be able to check at any time to verify that you have been saved. You don’t have to be in a long queue to get your price tag. The online price tag booking system has become many and extra in style.

  • One-way or Round-trip or Multi-City.
  • From / Origin and to / Destination.
  • Depart (Travel) date and backdate.
  • A variety of Passengers and class and
  • Click the Search Button.


SalamAir Speical Services

Are there any additional travel requirements? SalamAir wants to help each customer.


Expecting Mothers

By the end of the 27th week of your pregnancy, you can fly with SalamAir as usual. SalamAir on-flight team will do their best to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

After the 27th week of pregnancy, you will need to provide SalamAir with a medical report or letter, signed or stamped by the doctor with the following information:

  • The exact number of weeks you have been pregnant.
  • Your expected date of delivery.
  • Your pregnancy status is normal, and it ensures that you are fit to fly for the booked flight duration.

Please make sure the letter is written in English and that the issue date is within 7 days of the departure date.

At the end of the 35th week of pregnancy, you will not fly with SalamAir. In the case of twins, triplets, or multiple births, you can fly with SalamAir at the end of the 32nd week of your pregnancy. In either case, if you plan a return flight with SalamAir, it must be done earlier.


Unaccompanied Minors

SalamAir wants to guarantee that its services are always consistent across all its destinations. The airline never wants to compromise with our customer experience, so for now, they have decided not to offer this service.


Special Medical Needs

All of SalamAir’s aircraft have first aid and first aid oxygen on board. Tell me about any additional requirements for your passengers as soon as possible during the booking process.


Wheel Chair Access

Wheelchairs will be provided to passengers with permanent disabilities at all SalamAir destinations. Airlines encourage passengers to notify us of any special requirements after booking their tickets. This is why they can ensure the highest level of care.


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